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Gun Fitting

Whether you’re in the market for a new gun or looking to get the most out of your current model, correct gun fit is an integral part of shooting to your fullest potential. Here at Lady’s Wood, we offer a fully comprehensive gun fit service.

Successful shooting depends on a number of factors, with a correctly fitting gun and consistent gun mount being key. There are a number of elements involved in the process, including:

  • Checking eye dominance.
  • Consistent gun mount. This is a crucial part of the gun fitting process. During your session, we’ll give you some exercises you can practice at home to help with this.
  • Measurements will be taken for stock length, cast and comb height, amongst other things. These will be determined by a number of factors including build, gun mount and stance.
  • A pattern plate can be used, when necessary.

If you would like us to fit your current gun, we recommend you bring this with you to your appointment. A try gun is also available, if needed.

During the session, an experienced member of our team will spend as much time as necessary getting to know your needs. We’ll talk you through the entire process so that you can feel comfortable and confident when you next get your gun out. Our brilliant team of expert gun smiths will then carry out the work necessary to ensure the perfect fit.

Gun fitting at Sportarm at Lady’s Wood lasts between an hour and ninety minutes and costs £180 (excluding any work that may need to be carried out to make adjustments to gun). Book your gun fitting by giving us a call on 01454 294246 or email

Gun fitting is essential to getting the most out of your shotgun
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