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Have you been optimised…?


Here at Lady’s Wood, we pride ourselves on the quality of our instruction and advice given to customers. No fewer than 4 of our resident and regular instructors are amongst only a handful of shooting coaches across the world to of completed the Association of Professional Shooting Instructors advanced training course.  Giving you the peace of mind that you will be receiving only the very best shooting tuition.  Whether you’re interests are clay pigeon shooting or a game shooting, a complete beginner or looking for a quick sharpener before the season, we work hard with you to develop and improve your shooting!


After consulting with a number of clients and from observations of our own, we believe there to be a calling for a more in-depth and thorough instructional session. Whilst a one-hour lesson is great to iron out a few bad habits and get you hitting those clays, is it enough to really improve your shooting in the long-term?


Have you ever found yourself asking the following questions?


  • Do I shoot the right length barrels?
  • Are my chokes correct for my gun and the type of shooting I do?
  • Does my gun fit?
  • Do I shoot the correct gun?
  • How can I improve my shooting?
  • Can I shoot at a higher level?
  • Can I consistently shoot higher birds?
  • What are my faults?


If you don’t have the answers to these questions, then you need to be optimised!

Our optimisation sessions are a full day of intensive instruction, answering all of the above questions and more, a program designed for you in order to take your shooting forward. This will be achieved by teaming you up with one of our highly experienced shooting instructors with decades of coaching and shooting experience in our exceptional training facilities here on the southern edge of the Cotswolds.


Whether you want to improve your clay and overall shooting ability or concentrate on the specifics of game shooting, we have the targets, experience and knowledge to get you there!


Our facilities include a wide selection of sporting stands, grouse butt, 6 towers on site from 15 – 120 ft high, as well as our newly launched EXTREME tower (which at 225 ft is the highest in the country!), a well-stocked gunroom Sportarm at Lady’s Wood and pattern plate.


As well as your dedicated instructor, the day also includes up to 300 clays and cartridges, refreshments throughout the day and a final report for you to refer to.


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To learn more about pricing and availability or to book your optimisation, call us on 01454 294546 or email