Permitted Cartridges

Please note, you are welcome to bring your own cartridges to use during lessons and practice whilst shooting at Lady’s Wood. Cartridges are also available to purchase from our gunroom, Sportarm at Lady’s Wood. Out of respect for our neighbours, if bringing your own cartridges they must be from the permitted cartridges listed below. We have a strict fibre wad only policy with a maximum load of 28g 7s.

The following permitted cartridges can be used at Lady’s Wood Shooting School:

  • LW 21g 12b
  • LW 28g 12b
  • LW 23g 20b
  • Hull Comp X
  • Any manufacturers subsonic 20b or 12b
  • Hull pro twenty
  • Fiocchi TTone
  • Express .410
  • Hull High Pheasant 28b
  • Hull Game and Clay 28b
  • Barbury 24g 12b
  • Hull High Pheasant 16b
  • Hull Pro sixteen 16b
  • Barbury 21g 12b
  • Hull Intercomp HV
  • Barbury 20b
  • Eley Select
  • Eley 28b 21g
  • Crazy 8 24g (Not 28g)
  • Hull Pro Fibre 28g
  • Hull Pro Fibre 24g
  • Empire 24g

For more information  please contact us on 01454 294546 or email

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