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Clay Shooting Lessons

With our comprehensive range of facilities and picturesque woodland setting, clay shooting lessons at Lady’s Wood are a unique and enjoyable experience.

What is clay pigeon shooting?

Requiring skill, patience and accuracy, clay shooting is the popular sport in which shotguns are fired at moving targets. These targets – or clay pigeons – are made from a mixture of pitch and chalk. They are designed to withstand being thrown from traps at very high speeds, but at the same time being easily broken when hit by just a few lead or steel pellets shot from a shotgun. Quick reactions and good hand-eye coordination is required to hit the targets. Clay shooting is fun and exciting and can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age and ability.

What to expect from a Lady’s Wood shooting lesson

We offer shooting lessons to individual shooters as well as groups and juniors. During your lesson you will have the chance to shoot a range of sporting stands spread throughout our well-kept grounds and mature woodland. Our 120ft high tower is fitted with various automatic clay pigeon traps releasing clays from as little as 40ft.

Our highly experienced APSI trained instructors (most of whom have completed the advanced training course, which has only been done by approximately 200 people in the whole world) have a wealth of experience teaching both novice and more experienced clay shooters. Throughout your lesson, they will be on hand to give instruction and guidance on things such as eye dominance, shooting technique and style as well as gun fit and stance. Their dedicated and patient teaching style will soon have you hitting those clays!

After your lesson, you will be welcomed back into the shooting lodge for light refreshments, including homemade cake. If you shoot with your own gun, this will be cleaned for you in our gunroom while you relax next to our open fire.

All clay shooting tuition at Lady’s Wood is inclusive of an APSI qualified coach, optional gun hire and all safety equipment. To book your clay shooting lesson, give us a call or use the contact form below. For information regarding cost, view our prices.

A shooting instructor and customer enjoy a clay shooting lesson
A clay pigeon breaking in midair
A customer clay pigeon shooting with an instructor at Lady's Wood