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Gun Fitting

Successful shooting depends on a number of factors but most especially a consistent, correct gun mount and a properly fitting gun.

Correct gun fit, together with an accurate mount and stance, will result in improved shooting and requires less body adaptation to achieve a successful shot. Step-by-step gun fitting is achieved with the use of a try gun, so that your measurements are taken correctly and copied to your own gun, or new one if you are having one custom made.

The gun fitting service ‘try gun’ is a gun with an adjustable comb and stock, which is altered accordingly to fit the individual and then fired at a pattern plate to ensure correct fit. Lady’s Wood offers an efficient and first class service, backed up with a pattern plate that enables us to give you a full evaluation of your current gun fit or fit you for a new gun. We can accommodate alterations to stock length, comb height and cast.

We can supply new and second-hand shotguns, both English and imported. To assist you to shoot efficiently and in comfort, we can provide a complete fitting service with these guns.

The benefit of our gun fitting service includes the experience and expertise of our instructors here at Lady’s Wood.

A customer trying a gun at the Sportarm at Lady's Wood Gun Room
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