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Clay Shooting at Lady’s Wood

Requiring skill, patience and accuracy, clay shooting is the popular sport in which shotguns are fired at moving targets.

These targets, called clays, are made from a mixture of pitch and chalk and are formed into a disc shape, designed to withstand being launched from a clay pigeon trap at high speeds and yet able to break apart when hit by the shotgun pellets.

The clay is projected into the air from a device known as a trap and quick reactions and good hand-eye coordination are needed by the shooter to hit the target. It is fun and exciting and is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of your age and ability.

Lady’s Wood offers a unique experience for shooters of all standards, providing magnificent shooting in idyllic woodland surroundings. We have a selection of layouts to suit all levels of ability, which include two towers at 120ft and 60ft and three elevated traps.

Amongst the immaculately well-kept grounds you will discover a large variety of sporting traps that can simulate anything from a bolting rabbit to a long distance pheasant thrown from the High Tower.

Lady’s Wood boasts one of the highest towers in the country and at 120 ft a novice shot may well find it daunting – but it’s not for climbing! With automatic clay pigeon traps dotted around it, the clays can be released from as little as 40 ft and the Lady’s Wood’s team of professional instructors, will soon have you hitting those clays.

Broken clay after shoot at Lady's Wood Shooting School

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