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Clay Shooting Practice

Lady’s Wood Shooting School is not only the perfect place to learn the fine art of shooting but it is ideally equipped to offer excellent facilities to those wishing to improve their shooting skills.  The perfect venue for clay pigeon shooting Bristol

Practice sessions can be arranged by appointment, which will include a guided tour from one of our expert team around the immaculate grounds of Lady’s Wood. These practice sessions are ideal for clay and game shooters alike.

Practice sessions are booked for 2 or more shooters at a time.  At a price of £50.00 per shooter,  you get up to 100 clays each and an allotted time of at least 1 hour to shoot your preferred targets (timings dependant on group size), all guided by one of our experienced instructors.  Additional clays are available to purchase at the current rate.  Please click here for our Clay Shooting tariff. Please note cartridges are not included.

We have a selection of cartridges available to purchase. Please note you are welcome to bring your own cartridges to use at Lady’s Wood, subject to them on our permitted list (please see below) which have been acoustically tested out of respect for our neighbours.

Cartridge Restrictions

Please note that you are welcome to bring your own cartridges to use during lessons and practice whilst shooting at Lady’s Wood.  We have a strict fibre wad only policy with a maximum load of 28g 7.

We permit the use of certain brands, the following cartridges are permitted following acoustic tests:

  • LW 21g 12b
  • LW 28g 12b
  • LW 23g 20b
  • Gamebore White Gold
  • Gamebore Super Gems
  • Hull Comp X
  • Hull pro twenty
  • Any manufacturers subsonic 20b or 12b
  • Fiocchi TTone
  • Express .410
  • Hull High Pheasant 28b
  • Hull High Pheasant 16b
  • Hull Pro sixteen 16b
  • Hull Intercomp HV
  • Barbury 24g 12b
  • Eley First Select
  • Eley 28b 21g

Other cartridges may be permitted following further acoustic testing, therefore the above list is subject to change.  Please note if cartridges have not been subjected to acoustic testing and do not appear on the above list they are not permitted for use at Lady’s Wood Shooting School.  Why not give clay shooting Bristol a go.

If you have any questions or would like further information on this then please contact Chris or Duncan on 01454 294546 or email:

Hitting a clay while clay pigeon shooting at Lady's Wood Shooting School