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Please find below a selection of dates currently available for game and simulated game shooting throughout the UK.

We have access to some of the finest shoots in the UK. Whether you are looking for a high pheasant from a Welsh mountain side or a towering partridge climbing over a Cotswold combe, we have the shoot for you!  Please note that this is just a selection of availability, if you do not see a venue to tempt you then please do contact us here.

To watch a short video of our simulated game day’s please click here

We have access to the best roving syndicates and individual gun days in the country.  To enquire about our individual gun game shooting please contact us here

Gentleman walking with shotgun during a shoot organised by Lady's Wood Shooting School
13th October 2018 Challacombe, Exmoor 400Partridge/Pheasant7£2,
18th October 2018 Molland, Exmoor300Partridge/Pheasant2£2,
19th October 2018 Challacombe, Exmoor300Partridge/Pheasant2£1,
23rd October 2018Miltons, Exmoor350Partridge/Pheasant7£2,
26th October 2018 Haddeo, Exmoor500Partridge/Pheasant1£3,
27th October 2018 Molland, Exmoor400Partridge/Pheasant1£2,
27th October 2018 Combe Sydenham, Exmoor400Partridge/Pheasant3£2,
29th October 2018 Molland, Exmoor 400Partridge/Pheasant5£2,
29th October 2018Cold Aston, Gloucestershire 300Partridge/Pheasant2£1,579 +
30th October 2018Coombe End, Gloucestershire 500Partridge/Pheasant2£2,896 +
31st October 2018Salperton Park, Gloucestershire500Partridge/Pheasant2£2,963 +
30th October 2018 Edgcott, Exmoor 400Partridge/Pheasant5£2,
31st October 2018Stuckeridge, Exmoor400Partridge/Pheasant1£2,
2nd November 2018Druids Lodge, Wiltshire300Partridge/Pheasant1£1,579 +
2nd November 2018 Molland, Exmoor 400Partridge/Pheasant3£2,
3rd November 2018Prescombe, Wiltshire300Partridge/Pheasant3£1,659 +
3rd November 2018 Challacombe, Exmoor 400Partridge/Pheasant2£2,
9th November 2018Nutley, Hampshire 300Partridge/Pheasant2£1,659 +
17th November 2018Stanage, Shropshire400Partridge/Pheasant3£2,210 +
19th November 2018 Molland, Exmoor 400Partridge/Pheasant3£2,
20th November 2018 Challacombe, Exmoor 300Partridge/Pheasant5£1,
20th November 2018Ravenswick, North Yorkshire350Partridge/Pheasant2£2,076 +
21st November 2018Urra, North Yorkshire400Partridge/Pheasant6£2,356 +
26th November 2018Salperton Park, Gloucestershire300Partridge/Pheasant2£1,780 +
29th November 2018Northwick, Gloucestershire 350Partridge/Pheasant5£2,076 +
6th December 2018Sweetlamb, Powys350Partridge/Pheasant5£1,982 +
7th December 2018Ridgeway, Powys350Partridge/Pheasant5£1,982 +
17th December 2018 Molland, Exmoor 300Partridge/Pheasant1£2,
18th December 2018 Combe Sydenham, Exmoor 300Partridge/Pheasant1£2,
27th December 2018Salperton Park, Gloucestershire 300Partridge/Pheasant3£1,780 +
5th January 2019Faccombe, Hampshire300Partridge/Pheasant7£1,740 +
4th January 2019 Stuckeridge 300Partridge/Pheasant3£2,
5th January 2019 Haddeo, Exmoor 400Partridge/Pheasant2£3,
8th January 2019Downton, Shropshire 350Partridge/Pheasant2£1,935 +
11th January 2019Cold Aston, Gloucestershire 300Partridge/Pheasant5£1,579 +
15th January 2019Molland, Exmoor 300Partridge/Pheasant2£2,
16th January 2019Haddeo, Exmoor 400Partridge/Pheasant1£3,
18th January 2019Salperton Park, Gloucestershire250Partridge/Pheasant2£1,485 +
22nd January 2019Badminton, Gloucestershire 250Partridge/Pheasant2£1,552 +
26th January 2019Badminton, Gloucestershire 250Partridge/Pheasant1£1,552 +
28th January 2019 Haddeo, Exmoor400Partridge/Pheasant1£3,000
29th January 2019 Molland, Exmoor250Partridge/Pheasant1£1,
Various Dates available for 2018/19 SeasonTregoyd, Welsh Borders, one of the top 10 High Bird shoots in the UK 250 + Partridge and mixed Partridge and PheasantFull Team From £37.00 + Vat per
Various Dates available for 2018/19 SeasonLwyn Madoc, Welsh mountain shoot showing VERY high birds 250 + PheasantFull Team From £37.00 + Vat per
Full Teams days also available atHaddeo, Challacombe, Coombe Sydenham, Drumlanrig and more250 +Partridge, Pheasant and mixed daysFull TeamCall for info 01454
10th May 2019Chavenage, near Tetbury5,000Simulated Game Day16/16£220 + Vat
24th May 2019Hay Lane Farm neat Tetbury3,500Simulated Game Day10/10£175 + vat
7th June 2019Chavenage, near Tetbury5,000Simulated Game Day16/16£220 + Vat
28th June 2019Hay Lane Farm, near Tetbury3,500Simulated Game Day10/10£175 + vat
3rd July 2019Chavenage, near Tetbury5,000Simulated Game Day16/16£220 + vat
12th July 2019Hay Lane Farm, near Tetbury3,500Simulated Game Day10/10£175 + vat
February - July 2019Full team days also available please email